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Optimizing Wellness

Every client asks me what they should be doing on their own time. For each client this is different. Of course if you‘ve been with me long enough, you’re well aware of my minimum standard:

  1. water

  2. protein

  3. stretch/move

These are always my go-to’s because I believe that if most people were concious about these three things they’d be feeling a whole lot better with minimal effort.

However, I do believe that there’s more we can do for our health and wellness. So, that’s what this post is about. What else can we be doing, on a daily or weekly basis? Up our habits and slowly implement really good technique for optimizing our wellness.

Lets get into it!

  1. Your phone: this is the one that everyone knows. I’m not telling you to stop using your devices and to eliminate them. I do believe we should be utilizing the tools that’s the phones offer us though: screen time data, locking apps, and best of all in my opinion, detaching from it. Set it aside. Look up. Have a conversation eye to eye. Allow your brain to explore something other than staring at a screen. We all need this, daily. We aren’t designed to be connected to these devices as often as we are. The detachment from constant text/app notifications, updates, social media, and who knows what else is extremely important. No need to inundate yourself with stressful nonsense that you should be able to separates yourself from for an hour or more.

  2. Sunlight: This is a huge one. So many of my clients are desk/chair locked. Its beyond unfortunate from a movement stand point. You’ve got to force yourself to get up from the desk and move. I’d like to add that you should get up and get outside. It doesn’t matter if its overcast or clear sky’s, it’s important to get yourself out under the sun and be exposed to that big ball of energy. It’s the way we keep our circadian rhythms naturally in order. It’s how we get charged up. Get outside, under the sun, overcast or not. Let that sun get on your face and body, you’d be surprised at how good you’ll feel after some sun exposure, with intent.

  3. Prioritize Sleep: We all could be better with this one. Sleep is where our bodies recoup and rejuvenate. Sleep is the recharging and healing our bodies need on a regular (CONSISTENT) basis. Quality sleep is where you body breaks down the day and then flushes the toxins. This same quality sleep is when the brain flushes out toxin and allows for a clear “waking brain”. The space surrounding the brain cells, interstitial space, increases during sleep and allows the brain to flush out those pathways of toxins. These buildup naturally in our brains during the day. The same interstitial space can have build up of beta-amyloid, a protein associated with neurodegenerative disease. Sleep is our recharging station. Prioritize it.

  4. Walk: Movement. We’ve all got to stay moving. Walking is so highly under valued and I have no idea why. It’s free and readily available. Progress/growth is measurable (Distances, time, pace, steps). Daily walks are NECESSARY! Allow your joints to move, allow your heart to elevate at a steady rate, breathe through your nose- utilize and strengthen all air pathways. Best of all, you can kill two birds with one stone here. You can walk without your phone while getting sunlight. CHA-CHING! Get your ass up and go for a walk. Your body and mind will thank you.

These four are additions to my usual mantra; protein, water and stretch. I truly believe with these 7 things slowly practiced and added to peoples weekly or daily routines, they’d be feeling significantly better. There is one more that I would like to add, I guess on the side. I believe this is a lost one that may be the most important of all.

Bond/Connect: From removing your phone, to getting under the sun, outside on a walk. We have got to get back to connecting to the environment around us, the people around us. I am a big believer in the bonding and connection aspect, as humans I think if theres anything built into us more than hunting/gathering, it’s the deeply rooted need for bonding and connection. Community. Put your phone down, talk to your kids or spouse. Get outside, take your shoes off in some grass, standing in the sun, let it hit your face as you take some deep breathes. Get out on a walk with your family, have conversation, meaningful conversation! This bonding and connection element is a massive missing or broken piece for people. We are not supposed to be alone, stuck on these devices, stuck at a desk with no movement or sunshine. Where the only connection your getting is through Wi-Fi and zoom calls-most likely with people who you don’t actually give two shits about. Bond. Connect.


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