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Why So Many Diets!?

Low Carb

Low Fat

Low Sodium









Weight Watchers


Dash Diet

That's 14 diets off the top of my head.

This should make you feel at ease, you're not alone, and clarify why so many people know nothing about nutrition! How are you supposed to know what the best approach is when all these diets and fads have conflicting information? We have to understand why there are so many in the first place.

Initially, we have to begin with fads and people looking for a quick fix. Spoiler- there is no quick fix. Where there are people who are looking for a quick and cheap "solution" there are people waiting to offer you said cheap "solutions". Never forget that diet is not only a messed up culture but industry as well where money and revenue are more favorable than your actual health. Fad diets are for people who don't want to invest in the long term and develop proper habits for their health. That's where fad diets come into play. A new trend pops up, it works for a short period but isn't a sustainable way to live your life.

This is a base for the diet industry, understand this. There are so many diets because at some point THEY WORKED FOR SOME PEOPLE! That doesn't mean they worked for long, were healthy or sustainable- but they produced enough of a result that they gain traction. Each diet has it's pros and cons, but what we do know at the end of the day is that each diet puts you in a caloric restriction.

No discussion.

When you start KETO and you dropped a ton of weight immediately...that is not because you all of a sudden gave up carbs...It's because you restricted yourself and are more than likely in a caloric deficit. When you go vegan, you're restricting what you can eat, most likely leaving you in a caloric deficit. Weight watchers, your points help you understand the value of foods in order to put you in a caloric deficit. Atkins, same thing- Low carbs but an emphasis on fat and proteins? Not the reason for your success. Restricting yourself and eating less than you were is what caused the changes.

So, what diet or eating habit should you follow? Well that's up to you and figuring out what works best for you. What's sustainable for you. What allows you to be happy and optimizing your body and energy as best as possible. The unpopular truth is that success with dieting habits does not come from complete elimination of carb, fats, sugars, animal products, etc.

Health is finding the proper balance of all of them. Not eating a bunch of high processed carbs. Eating quality animal products for the best protein AND being plant based-eating lots of greens. There is a balance. Complete elimination has rarely worked for people. You're not going to be KETO or Paleo your entire life. You're going to want a cookie. Some bread. When you completely eliminate, you set yourself up for some failure.

This is why there are so many diets. The industry knows you'll get short term results, put the weight back on and simply move on to the next trend. No one ever slows down and says why can't I eat everything? Why can't I have a healthy relationship with food? Well, you can. It's ok, trust me.

However, we must be be moderate, be mindful, and don't eat like an asshole. Have some self control. Balance is the over used cliché but for lack of a better word, that's what you all are looking for. A way to stay healthy, eat right, but not have guilt attached to food if you make one "cheat" or "slip up".

I'm here to tell you that it's possible. It's possible to lose weight, maintain the maintenance of weight loss, and have a healthy relationship with food.

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