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Supplements Are What They Say They Are

Clients always ask me about supplements when they start.

People in general are constantly looking for a way to get an edge up.

However, we have to take a moment and understand that the supplement industry is exactly that- an industry.

Products are made and marketed to consumers to make them feel like they need them.

From multivitamin commercials for joint health to the world of bodybuilding and protein shakes delivering shredded lean muscle.

Supplements when used appropriately are a great asset to have.

When we cannot actively get our nutrition requirements supplementation plays a massive roll.

All kinds of deficiencies require supplementation: iron, calcium, proteins, fiber, certain vitamins and many more.

We need to remember that supplements are exactly what they say they are.

Supplements are not replacements.

I'll say it again.

Supplements are not replacements.

We still need to have a whole food diet and at least give our bodies a chance at getting those micro and macro nutrients the correct way.

My main issue with the supplement industry is that it seems high diluted. More times than none products aren't of a high quality, there's no FDA guidelines for a lot of the industry.

Initially, supplements aren't a necessity in your health and wellness lifestyle change.

You do not need to spend money on supplements.

Where there's a market, there's someone on the other end just trying to take your money.

Most businesses don't care about your results, only your dollars.

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