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Don't Wish For It, Work For It.


Every year we come up with resolutions that we are hoping to accomplish come the new year. Well, the new year is here and how many of those goals are all ready on the back burner? Today is the day that I want you- friends, family, clients, to hold yourself accountable. Why isn't that ever anyone's resolution? How effective and realistic might that be?

Hold. Yourself. Accountable.

I try to keep my posts informative so we can all learn some new things, but this time of year really gets my gears grinding.

I come across people all the time who tell me, "I've tried to start losing weight.", "I've tried to get to the gym." blah blah blah. When you hear it enough times like I have, my mind becomes calloused to any of this nonsense. If you really wanted something like going to the gym consistently, losing weight or starting some project or hobby, you'd do it.

You'd hold yourself accountable. Plain and simple.

You hold yourself accountable to make sure you record and watch those new shows that come out every week but can't hold yourself accountable to making yourself better?

No matter what it is.

Gym, food, relationships, work, reading, painting who cares.

If there's something you want or want to accomplish bad enough, start blaming yourself when it doesn't get done. Not because you weren't able to do it but because you most likely gave up too soon. Gave up when things got hard or weren't going as planned. Possibly it wasn't really a priority in the first place.

Accomplishing goals isn't supposed to be easy. It takes focus, discipline, and unwavering commitment!

Half way through January.

I'm calling bluff on many people.

Don't talk about your goals if you're not working on them. Don't just work at something, be about it, As David Goggins says, "Callous the mind, callous the body". Figure out how to stay hard and on track with whatever it is you're wanting to accomplish.

Want to paint better? Take a class or just start painting more frequently.

Want to be more fit? Start by getting into the gym or doing something active once a week.

Want to change your eating habits? Start by meal prepping some food for yourself so you can make good decisions.

Challenge yourself to improve and make the strides you're after.

My girlfriend got me a sign a few months back that she knew I'd love. It sits right on my bed side stand. It says Don't Wish for It. Work for It.

In 2016 I wrote a post on being responsible to yourself. For yourself. Holding yourself accountable. Go and read it. Hopefully that can help kick start something in you today and you can go and create the best year ever for yourself. It doesn't take a new year and it's never too late.

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