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Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Use it.

Every year, month, day, and for some every hour we hear about what’s good for you and what’s not so good for you. I don’t think it’s a secret...we all understand foods that typically shouldn’t be consumed in excess and which foods we probably need more of.

In the simplest explanation, when you walk into your local grocery store, start on the outskirts. That’s where all the fresh (PARISHABLE) foods are, foods that are going to be better, more nutritious for you. As you make your way into the aisles, you get to the boxed goods, processed foods-type ingredients you can’t pronounce.

This post is on Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and how it should be a staple in your diet as well as how you can benefit from it.

EVOO should easily be the main oil in your diets, used liberally on salads, sauces, eggs and meats. Slurp a spoonful of EVOO, yes I’m serious. What you’ll notice is a spicy/peppery taste in your throat, that’s a compound called oleocanthal. It’s a compound that can kick start your bodies repair mechanism.

Oleocanthal holds anti-inflamatory effects similar to small doses of ibuprofen. That’s a  powerful effect and minimizes a lot of the side effects from taking drugs. One tablespoon of EVOO contains 10% of the recommended intake of vitamin E- an antioxidant that protects fatty structures in your body (i.e. your BRAIN) from wear and tear of aging.

Diets that hold high levels of EVOO, such as Mediterranean diets, have been studied and the people who consume them have displayed lower run ins with Alzheimer’s cases. That spicy/peppery compound oleocanthal plays a role with that. It helps clear sticky-damaging protein that adds up in toxic levels in the brain, especially relating to Alzheimer’s disease. The sticky protein that does the damage is called amyloid plaque. Not only has EVOO and its powerful properties help clear that dangerous plaque but in long term trials it’s been seen to protect the brain against decline. Consuming close to 1 liter per week can help sustain improved cognitive function.

When it comes to buying quality EVOO color holds no bearing on the quality. What you're looking for is "grassy, not greasy" says EVOO specialist Nicholas Coleman. That brilliant compound oleocanthal is responsible for the peppery taste and that's what should be used as a measure to the oil quality. If you find yourself coughing a little when tasting the oil, you've got yourself a keeper!

Oils to watch out for

1. Canola Oil

2. Vegetable Oil

3. Corn Oil

4. Soybean Oil

5. Safflower Oil

6. Grapeseed Oil

7. Sunflower Oil

These are oils that the industry has produced cheap in order to market from.

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