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Don't Let the Holidays Win!

The holiday season is always a fun, festive, easy time to enjoy yourself and over indulge-lets be real with that. Don't think you're the only one struggling. It's tough trying to maintain any sort of balance after all the hard work you've put in over the year building up to the season! However, it's important to enjoy yourself and enjoy what the season brings with family and friends.

Here are a few ideas on how to prepare for the holidays and hopefully keep yourself on track and ready to get back to grind post season! (In no specific order)

1. Be real with yourself: Understand that having a good time and enjoying yourself is what's important. Be honest/real with your situation and know what's best for you and keeping your spirits up for when the season is all over.

2. Be accountable: Once all the holidays have passed there's only one person who's ultimately got to live with the consequences...that's you. Be prepared, have some sort of plan, hold yourself accountable during meals, parties, etc. Maybe ease up on them cocktails ;)

3. Slow down: 2 &3 could easily be combined into one. It's easy to get caught up with friends and family and not be thinking about your ultimate goals but you know at the end of the day, it's always going to come back up in your mind. Slow down, remember what your main focus is for yourself, your body, your health and make good strong decisions.

4. Wake up a little earlier: The season has us all running around busy, busy, busy! Take the time to wake up a little earlier and get that workout, run, yoga class in! Whatever it may be, even just giving yourself a plan for the day. Set aside a little time, have a plan and be prepared!

5. Recruit a buddy: This might be my best suggestion. As I mentioned at the top, you're not alone. I guarantee you've got a friend who is going to be feeling the same way pre and post holiday about how much they ate, drank, didn't exercise, etc. TEAM UP! Hold each other accountable to not eat as hardy as you might on your own or to get to those exercises in- whatever it may be! It's a beautiful time of year to even take a nice walk! Find someone, help each other out. You're not alone!

Mainly, enjoy yourself. Remember, no one ever got fat off one meal and no one ever got out of shape for missing one workout! This is a fun time of year and we all love to enjoy what it brings. So do that, enjoy yourself and when the season passes just know it's time to get back to work. YOU'RE IN CHARGE!

Have a great holiday season to you all from DW FIT.

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