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5 Great Nutritious Additions

I get a lot of clients asking me what are some of the different things I use to cook with and add variety to my meals and snacks. I figured this would be a good post topic that could reach a few people all at once.

Here are 5 things you can add to your meals/snacks and why I use them.

1. Peppers: All types: Cayenne, Jalapeno, Habanero, Serranos, Cherry and even Bell Peppers. Utilize these different types for all sorts of health benefits. One of main benefit of peppers is that most contain something called capsiacin which helps digestive health, promotes weight loss (boosting thermogenesis) and quite high in vitamins, including C. I use the peppers in my diet for the capsiacin; it can help relieve joint and muscle pain. Don't sleep on the peppers, they hold great value no matter how you use them.

2. Grapegruit: Wonderful source for a range of vitamins- especially the ones that help collagen levels. The fruit is low in calories, helps digestive regularity (through its water/fiber content) and aids hydration being 91% water and full of electrolytes! Great snack that's going to provide great benefits!

*Grapefruits do not always mix well with certain medications, so make sure you don't hold an allergy or any sort of reaction to this fruit PRIOR to eating.

3. Eggs: Get over the old and outdated idea on this master source of nutrition. Eggs are easily one of the most nutritious foods on this planet that we can easily have in our diets. They contain high quality protein, great source of B12 (which is hard to come by for some people), contains HEALTHY FATS! They are a great source for minerals (zinc and iron) and important aminos! EGGS ARE GOOD FOR YOU, don't avoid this powerhouse food!!

4. Himalayan Pink Salt: My brother, a chef, actually turned me on to this when I asked him about it. Fortunately at the time he had some that he was able to give me. I don't use any other salt when cooking anymore. This salt is a great and easy swap that has numerous benefits as well. Pink salt helps create electrolyte balance and increases hydration (regulates water content in and out of the body), lowers blood pressure, prevents cramping, and even aides in proper metabolism functionality. Great addition and easy to swap in for basic table salt which hold higher traces of sodium than pink salt.

5. Dark Chocolate: YES, this last one isn't a misread! Dark chocolate (obviously in moderation and not like a pig) not only is it delicious but fairly healthy for you as well. Loaded with fiber, magnesium and is powerful source of antioxidants. If I'm going to indulge and dabble with any sort of chocolate, you better believe it's going to be some tasty bitter sweet!

Remember, if it starts to get too difficult to maintain, you're probably doing something wrong. Let your meals be seasoned and delicious. How do you expect to maintain any sort of habit of healthy eating if you can't even chew or stomach what you've made?

Hopefully you all can benefits from these suggestions and maybe brighten up your meals and snacks in a healthy and efficient way!

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