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Forget Luck

The other day I was thinking about why so many people attribute things to luck. It doesn't make sense to me. I believe once you attribute something you gained success in to luck, you've discredited the work you put forth to find that success.

I was reading some articles later that day and came across these two sentences:

"Luck is just opportunity. Opportunity that's been executed on."

I have been thinking about this over the last two days and it has really stuck in my head. I've always believed that we create or generate our own luck by investing through positive contributions:

-Working hard

-Staying committed/following through

-Developing relationships

-Maintaining a willingness to learn

-Going the extra mile

Luck to me is nothing more than you get what you give. It's the perception of your current situation and taking the best action on what your being presented.

What I really liked about the two sentences from the article was that its a different way for me to look at an opinion similar to mine. There's one common denominator for the both of them.. ACTION REQUIRED.

Yes, there are certain aspects of luck out there that just happen. That's not what I'm fucking talking about. I'm talking about finding a way of removing the idea of luck when it comes to success.

People don't become successful based on luck.

They work hard every day.



My point is stop attributing the fruits of your labor to luck. Understand that by you working hard and staying on track with your commitments, you open up opportunity around you.

Make the best of what's around you.

Don't be afraid to execute. Everyday.

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