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Be MORE Aggressive

I wish someone could explain to me why so many of us are afraid of going out and being more aggressive.

Going after what we want. Deciding what to have for dinner. What clothes to wear the following day. All types of this bullshit.

Why, in just about every basic daily routine, do so many people lack an aggressive mentality?

What sets people off from not going after something which they desire? What puts people off from doing any task at hand aggressively and enthusiastically?

Is it because you don't know what it is you want? Are you afraid of not being able to obtain it? Is there something or someone holding you back? No matter what it is that's not allowing you to get, be or stay aggressive, you've got to figure out how to eliminate.

You've got to eliminate these aspects in order to meet the commitments you have set in place. You have tasks that need to be taken care of. You have dreams that need to continue being built or even STARTED!

Here's a tip to help generate that aggressive mentality:

Learn to be enthusiastic about everything you do.

If you show a sense of enthusiasm you've instantly changed your mentality of whatever it is you're doing. Once the vibe of the task changes, I'd almost guarantee that you'll accomplish the task more aggressively, more efficiently and most importantly feel good about tackling it.

All that matters is at the end of each day you can ask and answer yourself a few questions:

Did I do things enthusiastically today?

Was I aggressive and confident in what I did today?


Did you just roll over AGAIN and not live the day that you wanted to live?

Stay aggressive. Be enthusiastic. Kick ass.

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