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Responsibility to YOURSELF

At the end of the day, understand that in your life, all misfortunes and shit luck will be no one's issue but your own.


Everyone has their own struggles going on and have no time to be responsible for you.

If you're unable hold yourself accountable, how can you ever progress?

Simply. To continue the motivation from the last two posts:

Look back to the featured post on Passion and Commitment. I said that commitment is being dedicated and obligated to a cause/activity.

YOU have a responsibility, to YOU, to hold YOURSELF accountable!

For everything.

Finances, health, work, career, relationships, and COMMITMENTS. No one is going to manage any of these obligations for you. No one is responsible for your life.

There comes a moment where the wheel is let go and you need to grasp that shit tight and get under control.

Take action for yourself- stop doing what everyone else wants you to do.

Learn to be selfish -Get your situation under control.

Be responsible to yourself- do what's needed to make you the best you.

Today's post is short, sweet and direct. Stop freaking blaming, shaming, carrying around a long face, and waiting for someone else to come around and pick you up.

If having someone come by and lift you up is what you need, than let me be that guy.

Get up. Understand you've already won by breathing today. Keep your head up. Stop putting your self down when there are plenty of weak people around to do that shit for you.

Believe in what you're doing. Endure and embrace the process. When your back is to the wall..That's when your true character is revealed.

Be responsible to yourself. Go Be fucking awesome.

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