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Passion and Commitment

I was in the gym this morning and saw two gym bros going hard.

Chest day.

Pressing with DB's.

Sets of ten on incline.

They did look burned out but one bro didn't finish his set. He stopped around 7-8 reps on what seemed to be their final sets...Well this shit sets off major curiosity in my head for some reason.

Why didn't that little gym bro pick those DB's up once more and nail his last two to three reps? Why didn't he want to reach the goal that HE set himself when strapping up on those DB's?

Passion and commitment.

Two attributes that we all need no matter the purpose. Entrepreneurs, students, prisoners. Whether you're fat or fit. Rich or poor. Smart or dumb. Everyone needs to be true to themselves and find these two things.

Passion is strong and barely controlled emotion. If you've got passion in your every day life than you're finding success, happiness. I'm extremely big on being efficient-especially with time. Passion allows you not to be fooled or waste time. Passion will drive you and keep you focused.

**Work backed by passion will lead to better content and results.**

No matter if it's at your job, gym, family. Do everything backed by passion and don't half ass it. Everything deserves to be done at 100%

Commitment is being dedicated and obligated to a cause/activity. If you can find a positive attribute, hobby, routine and become committed to it, as a goal, you'll see change. You'll see progress. You'll notice that the same commitment you applied to that first goal can be applied to something new. A next level achievement so to say.

Maybe, just MAYBE you'd allow a commitment to things to become habit.

The point is simple.

If you have no passion for what you're doing each and every day, how the hell are you supposed to stay committed to it? Vice Versa. If you lack commitment to something you do everyday, how hell are you supposed to find passion for it?

If everything you do is done with 100% passion and commitment you're guaranteed to either get better, learn something new, or straight up become a bad ass at whatever it is! Stop short changing yourself by not putting forth 100% effort into what you're supposedly passionate and committed too.

So if you're that little gym bro who chose not to pick up those dumbbells to finish his last set of his workout. Understand that you left your passion, commitment, potential, and ability to work your ass off short of 100%. Which totally sucks...

How Hard Will You Work?

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