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Too many times during the week do I get asked a variety of the same questions:

-Why do you workout so hard?

-How come you wake up so early when you don't have to work yet?

-Was withdrawing from college really the right move?

-What can I do to get a better physique?

-I don't know how you eat healthy, it's too expensive.

These are just a few of the questions/comments I get EVERY WEEK. I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet because I know in 15 minutes when I go to for a my personal lift, i'll be getting a few of these.

First, why I workout so hard on my own...

It blows my mind when I get this one.

I don't workout hard for anyone but me, the same way each and every one of you should be working out. FITNESS IS NO CHORE. Learn to appreciate putting some work in to your own body, the greatest gift you've been given. Some people say life is the greatest gift that we are given, I say FORGET THAT. If you don't take care of the bad ass machine that you were given to live out this awesome thing called life than what good is it? Living life through the motions shouldn't be good enough. For anyone. My workouts progress, therefor I have to progress with them and keep getting better at what I love.

Second answer will be for the second point, the others will undoubtedly get touched on in a couple days.

Why do I wake up so early...EVEN when I don't have to work yet?

This question really irks me.

It really does.

If you're one of the people asking me this, I immediately judged your ass. I have no problem saying that I generate an initial prejudice on people who simply don't understand the value of getting up early/staying up late to get after achievements. Too many people want to get these visions done, but you're not willing to ever actually work for it. I will work for it. Whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or past midnight.

If you work during the day 9-5. At a job that brings you no value. Simply a paycheck. Clocking in. Bag lunches. Boring ass shit days...Yet you have deeper and greater ideas for yourself? KNOW you want something more?...But you're not willing to wake up a little earlier or stay up a little later to work on developing that vision? Doesn't sound like a dream or goal to me.

It's Labor Day. Even on your damn day off, do something productive. Read 10 pages in a book. Clean your car. Mow your lawn. Do something productive. Habits take 66 days to become a habit. Try making today day one of developing a good habit.

Success is a mindset. Punching everything in the dick kind of mindset. Positives lead to more positives. When the negatives roll around, punch them in the dick and keep moving forward.

Have visions. Work for your visions...Or you'll just keep working for someone else's.

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